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Actioning Unsubscribe Requests
Actioning Unsubscribe Requests

This article explains how to stop outreach, add a contact or company to your unsubscribe list and delete their information (if you needed).

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Firstly, it is important to note that SourceWhale has an auto unsubscribe function that reads the sentiment of responses and will automatically add a person to the unsubscribe list if the sentiment of their response suggests that they do not want to be contacted again. When a candidate unsubscribes in SourceWhale, we now mark them as unsubscribed in the CRM (e.g. "do not contact" in Vincere, or "massMailOptOut" in bullhorn). If there isn't a special status like this in the CRM, we make a note on the candidate instead. However, you should always check to confirm that this has taken place and you may even need to add their whole company to your unsubscribe list.

If you need to add someone to your unsubscribes list, you should first stop the outreach for that person > add their email to the unsubscribes list > delete them from the contacts table. If a contact is on the unsubscribe list on SourceWhale, they will not be allowed to be added to a campaign. SourceWhale will automatically remove them from the campaign if added.

Step 1

Go to the Contacts table and search the person's name in the search bar > select the contact record > then select 'Add to Unsubscribes'.

You can check your Unsubscribes list by clicking your initials or picture > Unsubscribes. SourceWhale may add contacts automatically but you should always check and add manually where required.

You can add a company to the unsubscribe list by adding their domain, i.e. "".

Delete contact details

If you need to delete someone's contact details (usually under GDPR), go to the Contacts table and delete the contact.

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