Using SMS in Campaigns

How to automate texting / use SMS in your SourceWhale campaigns

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Note: SMS is restricted to specific geographical areas, please contact support if you would like to switch it on for your team.

SMS is an outreach type you can use in your SourceWhale Campaigns.

The SMS feature assigns the User with a dedicated phone number that is automatically assigned when the feature is first used. The phone number remains the same for the duration of the Users time on the SourceWhale platform. The outbound phone number is generated with an area code that is within 25 miles of where your business is.

SMS is a fully automated step and will be sent from your dedicated number. Any response to your SMS step will be sent to you via email to your email inbox connected to SourceWhale. Replying to this email will automatically generate a reply via SMS containing the content of your email. This enables you to continue the conversation on SMS from a single inbox.

Step 1

Select SMS from the outreach type box in the campaign editor.

Step 2

Write a text-based message to be sent, you can still add variables in the text.

Step 3

Add your contact as you would normally to your campaign, you can still personalise within the extension.

You can see contacts with SMS sent and SMS scheduled with speech bubble icons in the activities column.

Receiving and replying to an SMS

i) Texts

A contact will receive a text which will look something like this:

Once a contact replies, you will receive an email via your email inbox. You can reply directly from here, which will automatically generate an SMS to the contact.

The contact will receive a text which looks like this:

ii) Phone calls

If the SMS number is called by a recipient, SourceWhale can forward the call to your phone number.

You can save the phone number you wish to be called on by going to your Profile.

Insert your phone number.

If you don't have your number saved they will be asked to leave a message. This message will be transcribed and sent to you via email.

Stuck or need some help? Click on the chat icon at the bottom right hand corner to connect with our support team! πŸ’¬

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