Getting Started

This collection will help you start using the SourceWhale platform.

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Profile & Settings

Profile is where you can adjust your email throttling, signature and sending on holidays

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Admin Panel

Everything you need to know about the Admin Panel

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Learn about creating, editing and tracking campaigns in SourceWhale

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Learn about scheduling and how to reschedule any campaign steps due to be sent

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Everything you need to know about setting up and using your Integrations.

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Learn how to search, filter and edit the contacts table on SourceWhale

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Everything you need to know about Extensions

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Common queries about SourceWhale answered here.

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Search Function

How to use our boolean search to find contacts

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Google Sheets Add-in

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Gmail Add-in

Learn how to use and install the Gmail add-in

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Outlook Add-in

Learn how to use and install the Outlook add-in

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SourceWhale Dialer

Learn how to use the SourceWhale Dialer Feature

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Microsoft Excel Add-in

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SourceWhale Features