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Adding and Amending your Email Signature
Adding and Amending your Email Signature

Learn how to import or add your email signature to SourceWhale, and turn on/off your signature on replies.

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SourceWhale allows you to sync your current email signature easily or you can manually create your own email signature.

Automatic signature syncing (recommended):

  • Outlook Users - Please send only your email signature in a blank email to;

    • Make sure your signature is in text format, not a picture as this greatly increases the chances of your emails going into spam.

    • All signature submissions must be sent in a separate thread as a blank email, as any reply messages will not be recognised.

  • Gmail Users - Your email signature will be automatically uploaded to your profile page.

Both Users can review their email Signatures on the profile page and make changes if you wish.

Manual signature creation:

Step 1

Navigate to your profile.

Step 2

Enter your signature into the signature box, making use of formatting tools at the top as required.

Step 3

Review and Save signature when you are happy with it.

Turn on/off signatures on replies:

You can choose to turn your email signature on or off for replies.

Note: Email signatures will be added at the time of sending.

Unsubscribe link

You also have the option to include an unsubscribe link in emails, to allow contacts to unsubscribe from any future emails.

Note: Unsubscribe links are added at the time of sending.

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