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Enable Open and Click (Link) Tracking
Enable Open and Click (Link) Tracking

This article explains how to disable/enable link and open tracking for your campaigns

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Open and Click tracking are two metrics used to analyse how your messages are being received by their audience.

  • Open tracking shows how many times your email has been opened, either by the recipient or by other recipients if your message has been forwarded on. To check whether someone opened your email, there’s an image (located on our server) made up of a single-pixel attached to each of your emails. That image is downloaded when the recipient opens the email, and it counts as the message being 'opened'.

  • Click tracking shows which link or links in your message were clicked and when. When a tracked link is clicked in an email, the person is very quickly directed to the tracking domain (where your click is counted), and then immediately brought to the destination domain. The tracking domain can be seen if you hover your mouse over the link in the message. Click tracking does not work on PDFs, only linked attachments with a URL.

By default, all new accounts will have open tracking enabled to track how many contacts are opening emails. Click tracking is only turned on when we have a custom tracking domain set up for you.

You change the recording of either metric in the campaign editor when you set up a campaign. Please navigate to Campaigns > Click the specific campaign you'd like to set up open and click tracking for > Settings > Switch on Open and Click tracking.

Open and Click tracking can be changed on existing Campaigns for any outreach not yet scheduled, by selecting and editing the campaign as per above.

You can see when someone has opened your link and how many times they have opened your link in each Campaign.

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