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Rescheduling, Editing and Cancelling Outreach
Rescheduling, Editing and Cancelling Outreach

This article explains how to reschedule, edit and cancel steps in your campaign sequence.

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Our scheduling system automatically starts sending outreach to contacts once they have been added to a campaign.

The cadence of your messages will follow the days after the previous step set on your campaign, and when someone replies we will automatically turn the follow-ups off.

SourceWhale's Outbox gives you further control over when emails are sent out by giving you options to send the email immediately, delay it to a further time, or even delete the email altogether.

Managing Outreach

Scheduling is automatically done by SourceWhale in line with the rules you set on your campaigns and profile page. These include: sending days and times, public holidays and daily sending limits (Profile). We have created a waterfall rescheduling system, meaning that if you reschedule Step 1, then Step 2 etc, will automatically be rescheduled as well.

All scheduled emails will appear in your outbox. Here you can send your outreach immediately, delay or cancel.

  1. Select outreach

  2. Click Send now to send outreach immediately

  3. Click Don't send before to delay outreach > choose time and date

  4. Click Cancel to delete the outreach

Note: When setting a 'Don't Send Before' the email will normally be sent on that day, however, it might be sent 1 or 2 days after that depending on what is being prioritised, and your Daily Sending Limit volumes.

Editing Individual Outreach

In your outbox, you can also edit individual outreach, that has been scheduled before it is sent.

Click on the edit icon > edit the step as you wish > press Save.

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