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Changing the "Schedule" of a Campaign
Changing the "Schedule" of a Campaign

This article explains how to change when campaign steps are sent or actioned, either before someone is added to a campaign or after.

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There are two ways to change the Schedule of a Campaign depending on; whether a contact is already active on that campaign, or whether you are changing the Schedule for all future people you add to that Campaign.

1. Rescheduling outreach once you have added a contact to a campaign

This is actioned in Outbox and can be done for specific people or for a whole campaign by using the filters and selection boxes highlighted below. It is important to note that we have a waterfall system in place for rescheduling steps, you only need to reschedule the step you want to move, as all subsequent steps will automatically be rescheduled in line with your campaign settings (sending days and days after the previous step).

Select the contacts and click 'Don't send before'... > select the correct date and time.

2. Changing the schedule of a campaign for any contacts you add in the future.

This is actioned in Campaigns where you will need to select and edit the campaign you want to change, before altering either the sending days, timings or days between steps.

This will now change the schedule of the campaign for contacts you add to this campaign in the future.

Note: the system will always try and schedule steps at the earliest available sending slot, based on your daily sending limit, campaign sending days and timings. However, if you have used up all of your available sending slots for a particular day then the system will have to choose the next available slot on subsequent days.

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