Custom/Branded Tracking Domains

This article gives advice on the benefits of a custom/branded tracking domain.

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When using SourceWhale's open and click link tracking, we place tracking links in the emails you send. For open tracking, this involves an invisible one-pixel sized image which when loaded, tells us the recipient has opened your email. For click tracking, this involves placing a link 'on top of' the original link in the email which allows SourceWhale to detect the link has been clicked by the recipient.

Once a recipient clicks a tracked link in an email, they are directed to the tracking domain for a split second (where your click is counted), and then they get immediately rerouted to the destination domain of that link. You are able to see the tracking domain if you hover your mouse over the email link.

By using your own custom tracking domain, the recipients of that email will see a unique personal domain on any links they hover on rather than one linked to SourceWhale.

Having a custom tracking domain is extremely beneficial. Your candidates and prospects may feel more comfortable clicking on those links, as your emails will be consistent in terms of branding. They look more credible to not only your recipients but also to email deliverability systems (spam filters etc), which will decrease your chances of your emails going into spam.

It is important to note that SourceWhale only allows you to add an attachment to your email if you have a custom tracking domain set up. Get in touch with us, and we will gladly help you set this up!

Read this article to set up your custom domain.

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