A/B Testing

This article describes how to run A/B tests with your outreach on SourceWhale

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A/B testing allows you to test and measure different variations of messaging to help maximise your Open, Replied and Interested rates for your campaigns.

How does it work?

When you create your campaigns on SourceWhale, for every step you can create two different messages (i.e., Step 1A and Step 1B) in order to test which messaging resonates more strongly with your contacts.

When your outreach is sent, SourceWhale will randomly send Step 1A to 50% of the contacts in your campaign and Step 1B to the remaining 50%, this is so that we can record stats as accurately as possible and also to ensure maximum deliverability.

We recommend you AB test just one step at a time in a campaign so that you can easily figure out which change is leading to differences in outcome.

How to use it

Step 1

Choose which step/s of your campaign you would like to test: You can A/B test one step of your campaign or all of them. In order to do so simply press on "A/B" in the righthand corner of your step box.

Step 2

Once you have chosen which step/s of your campaign you want to A/B test you will need to write two different versions of the message you want to send out for that/those steps.

Step 3

Send out your campaign and watch the stats come through for every version of the messages you have sent out for that campaign. You can view the stats for each step in their corresponding box.

Note: If you are AB testing a Linkedin Inmail, the stats will only show once you have manually recorded any responses in SourceWhale.

Deleting a Step

if you want to delete either version A or B of your step simply go onto the version of the step you would like to delete and click the "DELETE" button. For Step 1 you will have the option to only 'Delete Step B'.

For any steps after, you will have the option to delete either Step A or B, or to 'Delete Entire Step' altogether.

Note: Remember that when you delete one version of a Step you are A/B testing you will no longer be A/B testing that step.

"Syncing" through to your CRM/ATS system

In your CRM/ATS as well as on SourceWhale you will see which version of the step your contact has received.

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