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Using SourceWhale with Greenhouse
Using SourceWhale with Greenhouse

This article describes the features available to you when your integration has been set up.

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Once you have set up your integration you will be able to use and set up the different features available.

Campaign Settings page

On the campaigns settings page you will be able to choose how (under which category) contacts for a particular campaign are pushed through to Greenhouse. You will be able to push through contacts as Candidates or Prospects.

Dropdown options: If you click on the grey arrow to the right hand side of the 'Sync options', you will see that you have the possibility to pull through contacts to a variety of different areas within Greenhouse (shown below).

Note: When you select any of these everyone you source and add to the campaign will be pulled through to the fields selected.

Chrome Extension

When using the chrome extension you will be able to access some of these features as well. This option is available in order to give you the ability to change the settings you have previously set, for specific individuals.

I.e. you have selected (in the campaign settings page) that you want everyone to be pushed through as a candidate, but you come across someone you'd rather push through as a prospect, you can then change this by clicking on the 'sync as' box and selecting the option that suits that contact better.

You can do the same in regards to advanced setting options, by clicking on the grey arrow to the right of the 'Sync as' box.

Note: Your team admin can alter the fields displayed at any time by going into the integrations page.

Haven't set up your Greenhouse integrations yet? See our article on how to get started here.

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