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How to Filter Contacts in a Campaign?
How to Filter Contacts in a Campaign?

This article will describe how to filter contacts in your campaign.

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Organizing and managing your campaigns is made easier by filtering them. By doing so, you can quickly see the progress of your contacts in your campaign, as well as the actions taken. This information can be useful in determining the next steps to take in your campaign.

Filtering by Campaign Filters

You can use filters for Tags, Stages, Activities, and Statuses to segment campaigns. These filters are located at the top of your campaign page and you can use multiple filters to refine your search.

Filtering by Stat Cards

On your campaign page, you can find Stat Cards for Messaged, Opens, Replies, Interest, Gender above the search bar. You can only apply one stat card at a time, but you can use them in conjunction with campaign filters to segment your campaign.


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