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Attachments, Hyperlinks and Specific Link-Tracking
Attachments, Hyperlinks and Specific Link-Tracking

This article explains how to add attachments and hyperlinks to outreach steps.

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Within your outreach steps in SourceWhale, you can add attachments and hyperlinks. Attachments can be used to attach items like job descriptions to your outreach. Hyperlinks can be used to link items like personal profiles and Calendly links.


You can choose to add attachments as a hyperlink or as an actual file.

Note: Sending attachments, as actual attachments, can be harmful to email deliverability especially when reaching out to someone for the first time. PDFs also cannot be click tracked.


You can also add hyperlinks to websites or other resources on the Campaign Editor and Extension. These links are also tracked to know when they were clicked.

Specific Link Tracking

You can see when someone has opened your link and how many times they have opened your link in each Campaign. You can view our article on open and click (link) tracking for further information on this.

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