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Navigating the Contacts Page
Navigating the Contacts Page

The article explains how to navigate the Contacts Page including how to add, search and filter contacts, as well as log notes.

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Follow these steps to add contacts to your campaign or into SourceWhale. You can search for contacts and also filter them based on stages, campaigns, or tags.

1. Add contacts to SourceWhale

There are 4 ways to add Contacts to SourceWhale;

1. Adding to contacts through the extension. Scroll to the bottom to add them to your contacts page rather than a campaign.

Note: The extension will only gather the information that is visible on a page. To find and save the most information about a contact, run the extension over their individual profile rather than a list.

2. Uploading a spreadsheet - see full article here.

3. Manually add contacts by clicking the 'Add Contact' icon. Fill in all of the contact information and select the campaign you would like to add them to.

4. Some CRMs allow Users to export a list of Contacts directly into a Campaign in SourceWhale. This can be done in two ways; 1. Using an Export to SourceWhale button (Bullhorn and JobAdder only currently), 2. Running the extension on top of the CRM itself (Bullhorn, Crelate, Greenhouse, Hubspot, Loxo, Vincere, etc.).

2. Searching the Contacts table

This can be done on the Contacts table using the Search box in the bar at the top of the page. You can search by Name, Email, or Company.

3. Filtering the Contacts table

Filtering contacts will help you find groups of individuals based on specific criteria. Click on the funnel icon to the left of the search bar on the Contacts page.

Here, you can filter contacts by:

Status: Contacts active in a campaign vs finished contacts.

Sourcer: The user who initially added them to SourceWhale

Stages: SourceWhale stages such as Sourced

Campaign types: Candidate Sourcing vs Business Development

Campaigns: Campaign name

Tags: Assigned tags

Contacts with phone numbers or emails: Toggle on or off

Last contacted date: Filter for contacts last messaged between selected dates

Last Activity: Filter for contacts last active between selected dates

Date sourced: Filter for contacts added to SourceWhale between selected dates

Job titles: Search for contacts matching specific job titles

Companies: Search for contacts matching specific companies

Location: Search for contacts matching specific location.

4. Log Notes and Activities

Keep track of all interactions throughout the entire team by logging notes and additional activities for contacts. Click on a contact's name and when the pop-up appears, select 'Log Activity' to log notes, phone calls, SMS messages, or meetings.

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