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Why Haven't My Emails Gone Out Yet?
Why Haven't My Emails Gone Out Yet?

This article talks about the different factors that impact when an email goes out.

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Sometimes, you may look and see that an email or emails that you thought were supposed to already have been sent have not yet. These are some things you should take a look at to see if it is impacting when your emails are being delivered.

Note: we verify emails after they have been sourced/added but before they are sent, this may cause a slight delay in emails leaving your outbox.

Are you within your daily sending limits (and time between emails)?

You can check the number of emails that you are sending out per day, as well as the amount of time between when each email is sent, in your profile. If you have hit your limit for the number of emails sent out per day, the system will schedule any emails after that for the next day. You can raise the number of emails, but not too much, as it will increase the risk of your emails being marked as spam. To do this, simply click on your initials/profile picture in the bottom left-hand corner, and select 'Profile' from the drop-down menu.

Are you within your campaign sending limits?

As well as daily sending limits for your outbox, there are also individual campaign limits. You can check in each campaign, the number of emails to be sent per campaign each day. You can raise this number by going to Campaign > Clicking on the campaign name > Click the icon next to settings.

Is it within the sending days?

You can check in each campaign the days you have selected for emails to be delivered on. Any day that is not selected will not have emails scheduled for. You can check this by going to Campaign > select the campaign > Settings, and it will show at the bottom of the menu which days you have selected to send emails from this campaign out on.

Is it within the sending times?

You can check the hours for each sending day that emails can be scheduled to be delivered. Our default setting is that emails will be sent out between 8 AM and 6 PM each sending day, but these may have been changed if the creator of the campaign wanted certain steps delivered at certain times of day, such as in the morning or the afternoon. To view the sending times for each step, go to Campaigns > Select the campaign > Steps, and then choose the sending times you would like each step of the campaign to be scheduled.

Is the campaign active or paused?

If you cannot see any emails scheduled for a certain campaign, or if you cannot seem to find a campaign at all, it may be hidden in the paused section. You can check to see your paused campaigns by going to Campaigns > select the paused section (as shown below). You can then resume the campaign by using the tick box next to the campaign and pressing the 'play" button to unpause the campaign - this will reschedule any unsent emails and steps.

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