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How SourceWhale Calculates your Teams' Messaged, Open, Reply and Interest Rates
How SourceWhale Calculates your Teams' Messaged, Open, Reply and Interest Rates

This article explains how SourceWhale's Dashboard analytics give you insight into team performance and how these stats can be inflated

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On your dashboard, you will see four numbers at the top of your screen: Messaged, Opens, Replies, and Interest.


Refers to the number of people who currently have been messaged by you or your team and moved from another stage to the Messaged stage during the timeframe. Messages on the dashboard graph will indicate how many total individual messages you or your team have sent out, this includes messages in every step. In this instance, InMails do count towards the total value.


SourceWhale only takes into account emails with open tracking enabled when calculating open rates. A campaign without open tracking won't count towards the open % calculation. LinkedIn InMail Steps are also not counted unless the contact is marked as replied or interested, then SourceWhale will count the inMail as opened and take it into account when calculating your open rate.


Refers to the number of people that have responded as a percentage of the total people messaged, not the total number of messages sent. SourceWhale won't count any manual steps in the % calculation until they have been marked as replied or interested in order to not artificially inflate your numbers.


SourceWhale's natural language processing can pick up on the sentiment of replies and categorise your potential prospects or candidates into one of three categories; interested, not interested and neutral. From this, it can then calculate a percentage Interest rate. When it comes to InMails or other manual steps in your campaign, the same applies as above: you will need to manually mark the response as interested, for SourceWhale to count it towards your overall Interest rate.

Example: If you have a campaign where you have emailed 10 people and also InMailed another 10, SourceWhale would show 20 in Messaged. However, it will only take into account the emails when calculating the open, clicked, replied and interested rates, until you start manually marking the InMails as replied or interested. The InMails you mark as replied or interested would then be added to your stats, including the open rate as a recipient would have to open a message to reply! - This is because SourceWhale calculates these rates based on what it actually knows as to not skew the data.

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