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Updating steps in live campaigns
Updating steps in live campaigns

This article describes how to update a step in a live campaign and make sure your contacts receive the updated version

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You can add, edit or delete steps in a live campaign for some or all of your contacts. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm all the changes. You can select which contact you would like the changes to appear for.

Note: Changes will overwrite any personalisation if contact is selected in the pop-up.

Step 1

Complete all necessary changes that you'd like to implement in your campaign and click Save.

Step 2

A pop-up will appear, review the Changes, there are 3 different changes:

  • Create Step: add a new step to this contact's sequence.

  • Delete Step: delete step in this contact's sequence.

  • Edit Step: overwrite this step with new content.

Step 3

Select the contacts and click Apply Changes.

You have successfully updated your campaign for the contacts that were previously added!

Note: Any contacts who have already received some steps in a campaign, will not receive the same steps they have already received again - only the later steps in their sequence.

E.g. If a contact has received Step 1 and you make changes to Step 1 and Step 2. They will only receive the updated version of Step 2.

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