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Using Different Senders per Outreach Step
Using Different Senders per Outreach Step

This article describes how you can use different senders per outreach step within a campaign.

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You can use different email addresses to send each different step of your campaign. When a contact replies, the reply will go to the inbox of the assigned sender of the step. You can still monitor the 'Opens', 'Replies' and 'Interest' rate of the outreach on your SourceWhale Dashboard and campaign overview page.

Use this feature to get Hiring Managers and other colleagues involved in the outreach process. Learn how to do this below!

Step 1

Navigate to your campaign steps and click 'Add Step'.

Step 2

Turn off the 'Send as a reply' option for each stage you want to send as a different sender.

Step 3

Click the drop down and select the email address of the different sender.

Replies will go to the inbox of the person you’re sending on behalf of and

automated outreach will stop.

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