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How to Stop Candidate Outreach
How to Stop Candidate Outreach

Learn how to stop candidate outreach through LinkedIn & SourceWhale.

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There are multiple ways to stop candidate outreach during a campaign; including stopping outreach directly from the LinkedIn pop-up and stopping outreach through SourceWhale. Follow along below to learn how!

Stop Outreach from LinkedIn Pop-Up

As you are going through your LinkedIn flow, if you no longer wish to continue outreach for a candidate, simply click the Stop Outreach button in the popup.

Stop Outreach from SourceWhale Website

You are able to stop candidate outreach in three ways on the SourceWhale website.

  1. From the Contacts page, search the name, email, or company, select the candidate (or multiple candidates). Click the 'Actions' drop-down and select 'Stop Outreach'.

  2. From the To-Dos page, select the candidate in any of your tasks, and click 'Stop Outreach'.

  3. From the Campaigns page, click on a campaign that you are working on. Select the candidate you would like to stop outreach for, click the 'Actions' drop-down and select 'Stop Outreach'.

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