How to use WhaleGPT

This article will describe how to use WhaleGPT, the text generation feature to create content for candidate outreach in a flash.

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Text generation is an experimental feature that automatically generates text for your email, SMS, and InMail steps based on the information you provide. Follow the steps below to learn how to create your own custom message using AI-powered technology!

Step 1

    • Select an existing campaign

    • Create a new campaign

  • While on the steps page, click the 'WhaleGPT' button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2

  • Select the appropriate Campaign Type under Settings from the drop-down menu

  • The content WhaleGPT will produce is dependent on the campaign type selected in your campaign settings.

Step 3

  • Candidate Sourcing: Select Outreach Type and Tone, input Company name, Position title, Position description, Job Location and Additional Context

  • When satisfied, select Generate.

  • Wait a few seconds for WhaleGPT to generate your custom message.

Step 5

  • Once the text has been generated you will be presented with two choices of subject line and email body that can be selected and directly inserted into the campaign step using the ‘Insert’ button.

  • You can regenerate each individual subject line, or body text by selecting the ‘Regenerate’ button

  • You can also provide feedback on the quality of each generated option by clicking the like and dislike icons - this will be used by our development team to improve the output of future generated text

Note: you are able to edit the content once it has been inserted to add additional variables, personalization, and more.

That's it! Let SourceWhale AI do the work, making your campaign steps and follow-ups even more streamlined. 🚀

Stuck or need some help? Click on the chat icon at the bottom right-hand corner to connect with our support team! 💬

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