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Using the SourceWhale Outlook Add-in Integration
Using the SourceWhale Outlook Add-in Integration

This article shows you how to set-up the Outlook integration and how to use it.

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The Outlook Integration allows you to quickly create nudge templates with all the best SourceWhale features available directly in your outlook.

You need to install the Outlook Add-in prior to using it. If you haven't already, please follow our installation guide here.

For a video walkthrough of how to use the SourceWhale Outlook Add-in, watch below.

Opening SourceWhale Add-in

  1. Open your Outlook inbox or sign in via

  2. Click 'New Email' to open SourceWhale add-in

  3. Pin the SourceWhale add-in

  4. Log in to SourceWhale if not already logged in.

Top Tip: Pinning the SourceWhale add-in as suggested above makes the add-in a lot smoother to use as you don't have to keep reopening it.

Creating a Nudge Template

  1. Write your email, add a subject and recipients.

  2. Click ‘Create’ to create a new Nudge template.

  3. Write your follow up Nudge email. You can add additional Nudge follow up emails by clicking ‘Add Nudge’. You can also delete steps if needed by clicking ‘Delete’.

  4. Give your template a name and click ‘Save Nudge Template’.

Adding a Nudge Template to the Email

  1. Choose a template from the list displayed. You can see your own Nudge templates or toggle on your team’s Nudge templates.

  2. Select the chosen template by clicking on it, you’ll then see a message at the top of the email informing you that the Nudges have been applied.

Adding Personalization to a Nudge

  1. You can edit Nudges for a specific person, to do so add your personalization on the relevant Nudge in the add-in panel. You can also add or delete any steps and this will only apply to the individual you’re emailing (the Nudge template won’t be affected).

  2. Once you’ve made your changes click ‘Apply’.

  3. You’ll see a message saying ‘Your personalization have been applied’.

Using Content Coach

  1. Select the ‘Coach’ tab from the add-in.

  2. You must have at least 10+ words in the body of your email for this to work.

  3. The coach will then analyse your content and provide suggestions on how to improve.

    N.B: Content Coach only reads content in the main email body. Content in Nudge follow ups is not taken into account in the Coach score.


  1. Open the tracking tab from the add-in.

  2. Tick the boxes for which tracking type you require.

  3. Send the email.

  4. To review the click/open tracking, open the email in your sent and open the SourceWhale add-in - tracks and clicks will display there.

Reviewing Sent/Pending Nudges

  1. In your sent inbox you can view emails that have pending Nudges with the ‘Pending Nudges’ label. You can also search your emails for this label to see a full list.

  2. You can also click on an individual sent email, open the SourceWhale add-in and view all the pending Nudges there as well as when they are due to be sent.

N.B: Nudges may take up to 5 minutes to appear, so if you have just sent the email, please wait a few minutes.

Stopping Pending Nudges

  1. If you wish to stop pending Nudges, open out the email from the sent box.

  2. Click ‘Stop Nudges’.

Outlook Add-in Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the SourceWhale label for?

    This means that the email has been sent via SourceWhale, any campaign sent from the web app or any nudge email sent will have this label attached. If the recipient is a contact in SourceWhale then you can see all your messages correspondence (including nudges) in the activity feed.

  • What is the Pending Nudges label for?

    The ‘Pending Nudges’ label means that this email thread has nudges which are scheduled but are yet to be sent. To see all ‘pending nudges’ the user can search their emails with this label. When all nudge emails in a sequence have been sent, the label will disappear.

  • How can I see a list of all my pending nudges?

    You can use your email search bar to enter in ‘pending nudges’ this will bring up all emails with the ‘pending nudges’ tag. Once a nudge has been sent and is no longer pending, the label will be removed and it won’t show up in this view.

  • Do emails sent with the add-in track in the SourceWhale app?

    If the recipient is a contact in SourceWhale, the email will be tagged with the ‘SourceWhale label’. In this case, the email will pull through on that contacts activity feed on the main SourceWhale app. However, tracking of clicks and opens is not sent back to the SourceWhale app.

  • Does open/click tracking track nudge emails as well as the original email?

    Yes, when turning on click and open tracking on an email, if there are nudges attached, these emails will also be tracked. Please note, that the individual email in the thread has to be selected to show the relevant tracking information.

  • If the recipient has unsubscribed from a SourceWhale campaign, will my nudges still send?

    Nudges are not impacted by unsubscribes. If a contact has unsubscribed via a SourceWhale campaign, they will still receive nudge emails.

  • What time are nudge emails sent out?

    Nudges are scheduled to send between 08:00 and 18:00 (users timezone) on the day they are due (weekdays only). Just like in the main SourceWhale app, nudges will be scheduled with short gaps. For example, if you have 5 nudges due to be sent out that day they may be scheduled at 8:00, 8:03, 8:06 etc.

  • Do nudges count towards my daily email sending limit?

    Yes, each individual nudges email sent out will count towards your daily sending limit.

  • Will CC and BCC recipients receive my nudges?

    No, CC and BCC recipients will only receive the initial email they are attached to, they will not receive any nudge follow ups.

  • Can two recipients receive my nudges?

    It is not possible to send nudge emails to 2 recipients at the same time, the add-in will only allow you to add one recipient. In cases where there is an attempt to add 2 recipients, you will be notified.

  • Are nudges tracked in the users CRM?

    Not currently no, however this is something we are considering for a V2 of the feature.

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