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Dialer FAQ

We've gathered together the most common questions on Dialer here to help you quickly find the answers you are looking for.

Written by Andrew Black
Updated over a week ago
  1. What countries are supported by SourceWhale dialer?

    • In addition to our UK and North America dialing plans, you can make calls to any other country with pay-as-you-go dialing

  2. I use the SourceWhale SMS feature, will my dialer use the same number?

    • Calls and messages to the same region (i.e. +1 codes) will use the same assigned number

    • This is not the case if you have verified a caller ID for the SourceWhale dialer. Verified numbers do not apply to SMS messages

  3. Where can I see all of my calls?

    • All your calls can be found on the new page

    • Links to calls can also be found in the activity feed for each contact

  4. How many dialer minutes do I have each month?

    • It depends on the plan your team has purchased. We offer two plans:

      • 1000 minutes

      • Unlimited plan (which has a fair usage policy of 3000 minutes)

    • Minutes are pooled across all team members

  5. I want to port my number from my previous dialer, how do I do this?

    • Please reach out to our support team if you wish to port your number.

  6. My call does not have a recording?

    • Calls with a duration of zero will not have a recording saved

  7. My recordings have too much background noise?

  8. How do I get assigned a number?

    • You will be assigned a number in each dialling region the first time you make an outbound call to that region

  9. Where in the US will my number be?

    • For users based in the US we will use your computer's location information (IP address) to look for phone numbers as close to this location as possible

    • For example if your IP address is in New York we will find the closest available number to New York

  10. How do I turn off recording on a call?

    • Call recording is on by default

    • When a call has started you are able to turn this recording off from inside the dialer

    • It may take a few seconds when the call is starting before you are able to turn the recording off, as it takes a few seconds for the recording to be set up correctly

  11. Why did my call fail?

    • Calls can fail for many reasons. We have implemented many checks and formatting in our code to ensure that phone numbers are always sent to the phone network in the correct format to give them the best chances of connecting

    • Calls can fail due to:

      • The phone number is not valid / does not exist

      • The phone network fails to connect temporarily

      • Your internet connection momentarily drops, resulting in the call disconnecting

      • Your phone number has been blocked

      • You are dialling a phone number that is registered as being of a high risk for fraud (for example bank phone numbers). We will block these calls in order to protect your number's reputation and prevent it being flagged as spam

  12. Are calls to my SourceWhale Dialer forwarded to my personal mobile?

    • Any inbound call will first attempt to ring your SourceWhale dialer in your chrome browser

    • If the call to your browser fails to connect or is not answered we will forward this call to your personal number if your personal number is entered into your profile in SourceWhale

  13. Are calls logged in my CRM?

    • Dialer calls made via a phone call to-do will continue being logged as to-do's always have. When the to-do is marked as complete we will send a note to your CRM (in accordance with your integration settings)

    • Dialer calls made separately to any to-do (i.e. from the chrome extension or directly from the contact card in SourceWhale) will be logged to your CRM (again in accordance with your integration settings). These notes will take a few minutes to appear in your CRM to allow users time to log outcomes to the call first

  14. I want calls to appear as though they are from my personal number, how do I do this?

    • From your profile page in SourceWhale you can verify your personal number

    • Outbound calls from the dialer will then appear as coming from this number

    • Please note: this service is not available for SMS messages

  15. My dialer number has been flagged as spam, how can I change my number?

    • From your profile page you can cycle any number that has been assigned to you

    • You can only cycle a number for a given dialling region once a month

    • Please note that when cycling a number, inbound calls to your old number will not be forwarded on to your new number. For this reason, it is advised to not frequently cycle your number

  16. I missed a phone call from a contact, will I get a voicemail?

    • If you have your personal number saved in your SourceWhale profile.

      • If your personal number has a voicemail set up then SourceWhale will not collect a voicemail via the dialer

      • If your personal number does not have a voicemail set up then the call will be forwarded to the SourceWhale voicemail service after it has not been answered by your personal number

    • If you do not have a personal number saved in your SourceWhale profile

      • When the call is not answered by the SourceWhale dialer it will be forwarded to the SourceWhale voicemail service

  17. I tried to verify my phone number but it was unsuccessful. What happened?

    • This may be due to excessive background noise preventing the verifying call you receive from hearing the verification code being entered

  18. I closed the “log outcome” page of the dialer before hitting submit, what happens?

    • You can close the outcome page at any point during or after a call. This will not submit any information to SourceWhale, but any notes you have been typing will still be there when you next open it

    • When a call ends the outcome page will automatically open if the call is with a recognised contact and it hasn’t already been logged

    • As soon as you return to the home screen of the Dialer or begin another call you can no longer log the outcome of the last call

  19. I am having connectivity issues with the dialer, how do I fix this?

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