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Installing the SourceWhale Outlook Add-in - Microsoft Admin
Installing the SourceWhale Outlook Add-in - Microsoft Admin

Instructions for Microsoft 365 Administrators installing the SourceWhale Add-in for Outlook.

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The SourceWhale Outlook Add-in is only supported by some versions of Outlook. You will need to check that you are running a version of Outlook that is supported. To determine what version of Outlook you are using, see Microsoft's guide on how to check your Outlook version. See below for supported Outlook versions.

Supported Versions of Outlook



Minimum Product Version

Minimum OS Version


Microsoft 365

Version 2104 (Build 13929.20296) or later

Windows 10 (version 1903 or later)


Microsoft 365

Version 16.38.506 or later

Web Browser

Modern Outlook UI


Any modern browser

The following clients are not supported:

  • Outlook 2021

  • Outlook 2019

  • Outlook 2016

  • Outlook 2013

Installing the Outlook Add-in as a Microsoft 365 Administrator

Important Note

Microsoft offers different user experiences in Outlook that can sometimes lead to problems or confusion. To prevent this, it's advisable for Microsoft 365 administrators to deploy the add-in on behalf of users.

We recommend gradually rolling out the SourceWhale Outlook add-in to a few users before deploying to everyone. (N.B. All users are required to have a SourceWhale license)

  1. Go to Microsoft 365 Admin Centre > Settings > Integrated Apps.

  2. Click Get Apps and then in the search bar type 'SourceWhale for Outlook'.

  3. Click 'Get it Now' on the SourceWhale for Outlook add-in.

  4. On the confirm to continue modal, click 'Get it now'.

  5. You can then select to download the add-in for the 'Entire Organisation' or 'Specific users/groups'. Then select 'Next'.

  6. On the next screen you'll need to accept permissions requests by clicking 'Next' and finally, on the Review and finish deployment modal, select 'Finish deployment'.

Informing your team of the SourceWhale Outlook Add-in

  1. Once you've followed the installation steps above, you're now ready to inform your team you have installed SourceWhale for Outlook, you can send them the following guides to help get them set up for success!

  2. When users open out the SourceWhale Outlook Add-in for the first time, they will need to pin the add-in. Once it's pinned it, they can request an activation code. The code will be sent to their inbox after a few seconds.

  3. Users should enter the 6 digit activation code into the add-in and click 'Activate'. Success! You can now access the Outlook add-in.

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