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Add 'Export to SourceWhale' Button Into Your Bullhorn
Add 'Export to SourceWhale' Button Into Your Bullhorn

This article shows how you can add contacts directly from Bullhorn into SourceWhale outreach campaigns.

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You can take the contacts that are stored in your Bullhorn CRM and import them directly into a SourceWhale campaign. In order to set this up, you must be an admin. This button is able to import information from the contacts lists or candidate page within Bullhorn into SourceWhale.

Add the 'Export to SourceWhale' action into Bullhorn

Step 1

Select the Admin icon, and then select 'View Layout'.

Step 2

Choose the Field Map Entity that you'd like to create your custom action for as shown in the screenshot below (we recommend setting this up for both Candidate and Contact). Click on Custom Menu Actions in the menu below.

Add the additional information needed in the fields below:

Name: Export to SourceWhale

Enabled: Tick

Location: On a record list, in the Action section

User Types: Select all User Types that need to be able to see this button plus the SourceWhale REST API.

Using the action

Step 1

Head over to a candidate or contact list to find the new action you've created. Select the candidate(s) you would like to export to SourceWhale using the tick box all the way on the left. Choose the menu that says (Number of candidates) Selected. Then choose Export to SourceWhale.

Step 2

SourceWhale will then open in a new Bullhorn tab for you to select which campaign you'd like to add them to. You can select the campaigns from the drop-down menu, and there will also be a place to search for a campaign by name.

Notes: You can also import from individual contact and candidate profiles.

You must already have an email address for your contacts otherwise they will not be imported into SourceWhale.

This button is only able to export information from the candidates list or contacts list within Bullhorn.

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