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How to Track Team Credit Usage
How to Track Team Credit Usage

This article will show you how to track credit usage for your entire team!

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Team admins can track email, phone, and additional data provider credit usage for the entire team. Follow along below to learn how!

​Note: you will need admin access in SourceWhale to track credit usage.

Track Team Credit Usage

From the SourceWhale dashboard, click on your profile icon in the bottom left-hand corner and click Admin.

Step 2

Click Billing and you will see a box labeled Credit Usage. From here, you can choose dates 'From - To' to find credit usage within a specific timeframe or click on the Timeframe drop-down menu to select a default time period.

Step 3

You will see different graphs based on the type of data. The Email and Phone credit usage graphs are SourceWhale data. If you are using a third-party data provider such as Zoominfo, another graph will appear to show the credit usage from that specific data provider.

Hover over the different colors to view the credit usage of each person on your team.

Click the Toggle Chart Type icon to view the usage data in a column bar graph.

Download Team Credit Usage Report

Once you have selected a timeframe for credit usage, click the Download Credit Usage CSV icon to download a report.

Stuck or need some help? Click on the chat icon at the bottom right-hand corner to connect with our support team! πŸ’¬

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