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Re-Add contacts to a Campaign
Re-Add contacts to a Campaign

This article shows you re-add contacts to a Campaign.

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Step 1. Navigate to your campaign or the contacts page

  • Search for the contact and check the column to the left.

Step 2. Check if the contact is active

When a contact has a green dot next to their name, this means they are active in a campaign. As long as the contact does not have the green dot next to their name, they are not active in the campaign and can be added to a new campaign or re-added to the existing campaign.

Step 3. Re-Add contacts to the Campaign

  • Select all contacts you'd like to move

  • Click 'Actions'

  • Click 'Add to Campaign'

  • Select the Campaign you'd like to add the contacts to.

  • Click 'Add'

    Now your contacts are active in the campaign. πŸŽ‰

    • Contacts will resume from the last Step they were assigned. They will not begin from Step 1 if they have already received Step 1.

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