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When reaching out to clients or candidates, it's important that we don't rely on a single channel. Oftentimes times candidates and clients will spend most of their time in different places. One may regularly check their email, but never use LinkedIn and vice versa. Maybe they even prefer a good old-fashioned telephone call! Taking a multi-channel approach significantly increases our chances of successfully engaging that individual. Current data shows that 2 channels have a 51% increase on engagement compared to 1. On Business Development campaigns, engagement doubles with 3 channels compared to 1, and phone calls show strong success rates.


When reaching out to clients or candidates, attempting to engage them more than once is a widely accepted practice. It can be hard to understand the optimum approach for engagement, but the data helps us gain a clearer picture. We’re 5x more likely to book a meeting with a client from an 8-touch approach compared to just 3. On Candidate sourcing you’re 3 x as likely to engage the individual with a 6 step approach compared to a 3-touch approach. Ensure to mix your multi-touch approach with multiple channels such as phone, email and LinkedIn for the best results.


Having analyzed over 25 million pieces of outreach that have been executed via the SourceWhale platform, we’re able to spot patterns in the most successful approaches to both clients and candidates. This has fuelled the development of Content Coach which spots common mistakes we can improve upon to increase engagement, and helps highlight areas of our approach that are likely to lead to positive results. Regularly scoring above 80 on Content Coach will increase engagement and the number of meetings booked.


Whilst the volume of candidates and clients being approached will vary by business and individual, we’ve been able to establish that a strong baseline for the best results is 50 per week. It’s important to take a little and often approach to ensure a consistent pipeline, regularly adding a minimum of 10 new candidates or clients to a campaign each day will help you increase and improve your meetings booked rate whilst ensuring that your tasks remain manageable. Of course, feel free to add more to boost your results!

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