Email Bounces

This article describes what to do when a contact's email bounces.

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You can tell when a contact's email has bounced if the contact has a grey hand icon in their Activities column.

Bounced emails are now a task you can action in the To Do section of SourceWhale.

When a contact's email bounces, a task will be created in the Bounces category in the To Do section. To action these tasks, simply click the GO button on the right side of the contact, and SourceWhale will bring up a selection of suggested alternative emails (if available).

You can either type in another email for the contact, or highlight an email suggested by SourceWhale and paste it into the box labeled New Email. Press the 'Use new email' button to schedule the outreach to the new email.

You can also 'Convert to Inmail' if you wish or there are no email suggestions.

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