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How to add an 'Add to SourceWhale' button into itris
How to add an 'Add to SourceWhale' button into itris

This article shows how you can add contacts directly from Itris into SourceWhale outreach campaigns.

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You can take the contacts that are stored in Itris and import them directly into a SourceWhale campaign. This button is able to import contacts or applicants within Itris into SourceWhale.

Step 1

Select itris Management Utility > Integrations.

Step 2

Click the record posting tab at the top > + New in the bottom left.

Step 3

Enter the following details and press save:

Name: Add to SourceWhale

For more information view this page here on itris.

Using the "Add to SourceWhale" button

Head over to Applicants, Companies or Contacts on the left-hand panel. From here complete a search and select either Applicant, Company or contact and then click Post record > Add to SourceWhale. This will then take you to a pop-up page to select your SourceWhale campaign,

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