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SourceWhale Dialer

This article shows you how to utilize the SourceWhale Dialer

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With the SourceWhale Dialer, you can effortlessly make and receive phone calls directly within SourceWhale and beyond. Every call can be seamlessly logged in your system of record, along with the call recording, so you can easily keep track of your outreach.

Configure the SourceWhale Dialer

Assigned Numbers

As a user with access to the Dialer, you'll automatically be provided with a unique assigned phone number.

You can also choose a specific number for your assigned number in your Profile settings. This allows you to select a region-specific number.

  1. Navigate to 'Your assigned numbers' and select 'Add new'.

  2. Select the country.

  3. For US and Canada numbers you can select a specific area code from the list or search for one.

  4. Select the number from the list and click 'Add'.

  5. You will see your new number listed in 'Your Assigned Numbers'

Please note: you are only allowed one number per country. To change your number, click 'Remove' next to an existing number and then follow the 'Add New' process.

Warning: When you remove your assigned number, your number will be permanently deleted. Anyone who tries to call this old number will not be able to get through to you. Plan accordingly to ensure continuous and seamless communication with your contacts.

Verified Numbers

While your default caller ID is your assigned number on SourceWhale, you are not limited to this option.

SourceWhale Dialer offers you the flexibility to customize your caller ID.

Whether your candidates and clients are more familiar with your personal cell phone number, or you'd prefer to display your work cell, you can easily edit your SourceWhale Caller ID to reflect the number you choose.

  1. Enter Your Preferred Number: In your profile on the SourceWhale platform, enter the phone number you wish to use in the "Phone Number" field and click Save.

  2. Initiate Verification: Click the "Verify" button. This will display a verification code in SourceWhale.

  3. Receive and Answer the Verification Call: Shortly after, you'll receive an automated call on the number you provided. Answer this call.

  4. Enter the Verification Code: During the call, use your phone's keypad to enter the verification code that is displayed in SourceWhale.

  5. Verification Complete: Once the correct code is entered, your selected number will be verified and set as your caller ID in the SourceWhale Dialer.

Making and receive calls using the SourceWhale Dialer

You can make and receive Voice Over IP (VoIP) calls from your web browser using the SourceWhale Dialer. This is similar to making a call with your cell phone, but uses your computer to make the call instead.

Calling within SourceWhale

SourceWhale users with access to the SourceWhale Dialer will see a Call button on a contact’s profile in SourceWhale.

To make a call, simply select the number you wish to call from the drop down.

Clicking a number launches the dialer and will begin the call.

Top tip: call your contacts directly from the Live Feed by clicking on the name of the contact and then 'Call'

Calling outside of SourceWhale

You can also make calls anywhere on the web with the SourceWhale Dialer

Select any number on the page and right click and select SourceWhale Dialer to make the call.

Receiving Calls with the Sourcewhale Dialer

You can also receive calls from the SourceWhale Dialer. When someone calls your assigned number, the Dialer will open and you can choose to accept or reject the call from the Dialer

If you do not answer or reject the call, the number will be forwarded to the number saved in your Phone Number field in your Profile settings. If you do not have a forwarding number set up, your caller will be able to leave you a voicemail. Voicemails can be picked up via your Live Feed or the Calls page.

Logging call notes and outcomes

When making calls with the SourceWhale Dialer, SourceWhale will check if the contact exists in SourceWhale and attempt to match the call to the contact.

If there are multiple potential matches, a dropdown will appear on the Dialer, asking you to select the correct contact.

When a contact is successfully matched, we will automatically log the call activity against the contact in the CRM when you hang up the call.

During the call you have the option to log call notes that will be sent into the CRM, along with the outcome and call recording.

Click on the Outcome button during a call to log call notes.

While inputting your call notes, you have the option to go back to the main Dialer interface at any time by clicking the 'Close' button. Your call notes will be automatically saved and will be available when you revisit the 'Outcomes' tab later on in the call.

Logging a call outcome is an important step in ensuring your CRM is updated. The SourceWhale Dialer automatically prompts you to log an outcome if you end a call without having done so.

When calling from the To-Dos page, call notes and outcomes should be logged as normal using the To-Dos modal.

The Calls Page

The calls page provides an overview of all call activities, including outbound and inbound calls, made by you and your team members.

Understanding the Calls Table

The calls table displays the following information:

  1. Recording: If the call was recorded, you can listen to the recording by clicking the play icon in the column. Calls without recordings will not show a play icon.

  2. User: the SourceWhale user who made the call.

  3. Contact: the name of the contact who was called. If the person is registered in SourceWhale, their name will be listed. If the number is not linked to a person in SourceWhale, Unknown Contact will be displayed

  4. Direction: indicates whether the call was outbound or inbound.

  5. Contact Number: the number that was used to make the inbound/outbound call

  6. Call Duration: the length of the call

  7. Date: the date of the call

  8. Campaign: the campaign the contact is on. If the contact is not on a campaign, this will be left blank

  9. Company: The contact's company

  10. Outcome: the outcome that was logged with the call

Filtering the Calls Table

By default, the calls page displays all listed calls your team has made and received using the SourceWhale Dialer.

You can filter this list to show specific types of calls or sort them in an order that best suits your needs using the various filters.

Live Feed Voicemail Events

Voicemail events will appear in your Live Feed when Dialer is enabled.

Select the Voicemail in your Live Feed to:

  • Access the recording: click on 'voicemail' to be taken to the audio recording.

  • View Contact: click the contact's name to see more information on the contact.

Call Recordings

  • Admin users can turn default call recording on or off for their whole team using the below toggle in the Admin panel on the Compliance tab

  • The above toggle determines whether a team’s dialer recording is automatically on or off at the start of the call but all users will still be able to click the ‘Stop Rec’ or ‘Start Rec button’ at any time.

  • Clicking on the padlock icon will lock this recording setting for your team. This means that if Automatic Call Recording is turned off and the padlock is locked, users will not be allowed to record any Dialer calls.

If you would like more information on Call Recording Laws and Regulations, read our

article here.

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