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Your Campaign Checklist
Your Campaign Checklist

This article will help you review your campaigns to ensure they are being sent.

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✅ Are the contacts active?

  1. Select the campaign

  2. Check if the contacts in your campaign have the green dots
    (green dot = active contact = they will receive your campaign outreach)

  3. If the contacts do not have a corresponding green dot, you will need to add the contacts to the campaign.

✅ How many contacts are active?

  1. Filter for active contacts at the top of the page

  2. Check the total number of contacts active in the campaign (see image below).

✅ Review the activities for the contacts

  1. Select the campaign

  2. Review the 'Activities' column.
    Hover your cursor over the icons, the icons will explain the steps scheduled/completed for each recipient.

✅ Check if the emails have been scheduled

  • Filter for the corresponding campaign sender

  • Filter for the campaign name

  • If the emails are here they have been scheduled successfully.

  • Note, if a manual step is due (InMail/Phone Call etc) then please complete this first. Once the manual step has been 'marked as done' the next email due will appear in your outbox.

✅ When will the emails be sent?

✅ When will the manual steps be sent

  • Select 'SendInMails' or the corresponding action to the step you're checking.

  • Select 'Display Future To-Dos'

Please see this video for more information:

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