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What is the difference between seats?
What is the difference between seats?

Types of users and seats explained.

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Seat Types

  1. User Seat: A normal user, capable of performing all the usual functions in SourceWhale.

  2. Super User: All the permissions of a user, plus the ability to add contacts to teammate's campaigns.

  3. Alias Seat: Extra email address from which to send from whilst using your main account. These accounts do not have access to the platform.

  4. Viewer Seat: For managers/members of the team who want to access SourceWhale in a view-only capacity but not use the functionality of the platform.

Admins: Every team in SourceWhale has an admin. Admins can be a User, Super User, or Viewer depending on how they want to use the platform, and they have the ability to add and delete users from the admin panel.

Note: If you are Super-User and an Admin, you will be able to edit your teammate's campaigns.

To learn how to add and remove seats please see this article.

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